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Download [COAT] Cruising Special Study Group 2nd - Sports Specialty Course
Release Year: 2007
Studio: COAT
Video language: Japanese

This video is very similar to Scout Caravan, except in name. The staff talked to 8 guys outdoors, particularly near beaches and train stations, and they went inside the van to be jerked off. There was no lady staff in the van. Two of the guys wore a black band over their eyes to avoid being identified; but all of them willingly got sucked and jerked off by a guy, and a few also kissed and JO'd the staff to cumming. Now, the problem was with the staff. He was the old-timer Perverted Interviewer for some years, and those of you who have watched the series would know that he would just JO people, and was rarely ready for fucking them. In this video, he was the only staff throughout the video, and therefore he did let many good chances slipped by, and we could only watch these athletic guys wasted by a JO scene. Some of them had potential for more. The final scene was anal, but this guy was about the least handsome and least athletic guy of the lot; he is on the cover's left-bottom corner. When he was interviewed outside a train station coming off work, he showed his face, and talked freely. After he went inside the van, he hid his face behind his cap, and so the staff started playing with him. He came prematurely and, I think, to make up for it, he let himself be fingered and dildo'd. One thing led to another and this time the staff successfully fucked this model.

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