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Download (Game) Dark Wizard
Release Year: 2017

A man looks up at the entrance of the dungeon.

Man, "Hmm, if this dungeon, the next prime field will be found soon ..."
A man was an evil sorcerer who created a golem by the secret art of contraindication and is celibate.

Yes, it is a golem that is next to him.
Until a few days ago I was a girl who happily lived in some village.

Now ... his flesh doll.
And it is a disposable soldier who defends him ....

how to play
The basic is a dungeon seeking RPG of a 3D view that is woozy.
Besides ordinary monsters such as oak and dragon in dungeon
Many female humanoids such as female swordsmen and thieves and elves, fairies, and spirits are appearing.
The hero can celivate their girls by using arcane art as a golem.

Version upgrade information
Age designation
18 Prohibition
Work form
Doujin Game Role-Playing Game
file format
With music There is a 3D work 3D trial version available
Elf / Fairy Outer girl / Monster Girl Fantasy Magic Slave

6.1 and above

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