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Download All Stars - Learning to Cruise - Greg McKeon, Bruce Jones tag Harrison Todd
Release Year: 2024
Genres: bareback porn
Video language: English

What’s up, fans? It’s time to celebrate another SayUnle hotshot, and the All-Star for February is none other than the always stunningly beautiful Harrison Todd. This handsome boy started shooting scenes with in June 2023 and quickly became a fan favorite. It isn’t difficult to see why - Harrison is beyond gorgeous, has a fantastic body, and an ass that’s made to be fucked. Harrison is everything you want in a model and more, so we knew we had to celebrate him like the shining star he is. In this scene, Harrison hits up a known cruising spot. He’s nervous, as this is a new experience for him, but he’s just so horny - he’ll definitely take a little risk if it means getting topped by a hot . Greg encounters Harrison, and although Harrison is shy, Greg immediately catches on to what Harrison is looking for. Greg holds all the power and experience in the situation, and the nervous excitement is written all over Harrison’s face. He certainly doesn’t want to blow the situation and tells Greg he’s into everything. Greg gets right to work. He wants to see what’s underneath Harrison’s jeans, so he gets on his knees and pulls Harrison’s pants and boxers down so he can see his cock. It’s a fantastic dick, and Harrison is already hard. Greg sucks on Harrison’s cock, warming him up and making him feel comfy, assuring him he’s safe and no one will see them. Harrison has never fucked in such a wide open space, and the thrill is enough to put him on edge, but one that is so intoxicating he feels sensations he’s never felt before. Harrison is on top of the world when they wrap their session up - he can’t wait to cruise again. And that he does. This time, Harrison catches the eyes of Bruce, a burly, hairy stud old enough to be his . This time, the sex feels even riskier. They’re in a remote bathroom, which is small and almost dingy. It doesn’t matter - Harrison gives Bruce a look that says he needs to be fucked, and he needs to be fucked now. The two start playing around in one of the stalls when Greg spots them. It’s no coincidence - Greg had hoped he’d run into Harrison again. Greg hasn’t been able to get Harrison’s tight hairy asshole off of his mind, and now that he’s fucked the young twink once, Greg knows what he likes and how to turn him on. Bruce and Greg fuck Harrison simultaneously, impressed by how quickly Harrison learns and how well he can take a cock. When it’s time for them to shoot their loads, Harrison lets both Greg and Bruce cum all over his beautiful body. Harrison takes in the moment, reveling in his newfound love for cruising and playing with strangers. This is a lifestyle he could certainly get used to.

Format: mp4
Duration: 36:36
Video: 1920x1080, AVC (H.264), 2707kbps
Audio: 125kbps

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Category: Геи»  Gays

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