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Genres: Compilation, Cuckold, Femdom, Latex, Bondage, Strapon, Pegging, Anal, Chastity, , Shit Eating, Russian, Humiliation, Domination, Bizarre, Freak, Fetish, Big Ass, Feet Licking, Peeing, Swallowing,

About raising cultured boys and turning them into obedient and comfortable... husbands.
On the right is a story about a talented girl Valya;
At the age of 18, Valentina came to study in Los Angeles. But she was not interested in studies, but in the offspring of rich parents. She is a master of seduction and quickly began to live with her next gentle . Soon their lover joined them.
Incredible emotions from humiliating sex and now the boy is under complete control. Gradually he turned into an obedient slave with a tight wallet. Valentina has been married for a long time and pleases her rich husband with humiliating sex with big blacks. She also doesn’t forget about her ex-boyfriends. She is kind and responsible for those she has tamed.
On the left is a story about a talented girl Christina.
Mom was the head of the family and always obeyed her. At the age of 13, I accidentally saw my mom feeding my shit. My noticed this and began to prepare me for adult life. Mom prepared and soon I also started shitting in his mouth. A few years later, my passed away; the poor thing couldn’t stand such a load.
. It was a difficult period for my and me. It’s impossible to just take a shit when you’re used to doing it in someone’s mouth, we started getting constipated. And I began to look for a replacement for our .
I met a guy, he is a manager and makes good money. The only , grew up without a , female upbringing. We became lovers, I began to teach him cunnilingus.
I began to wash myself less and less and check his reaction. Liked. Further more, right during cunnilingus, she asked to go to the toilet, returned and immediately put dirty holes on her face. Liked. Then she started letting me lick myself after defecation, on the toilet. Liked. In an excited state, she began to teach him to urine and then eat feces.
I gradually increase the dose, shit in my mouth and teach him to lick his ass. I take breaks so that he himself asks me to shit in his mouth, he can no longer live without my humiliation. I start to get capricious, and soon he proposes to me, we sign. We started living together, the games are over, everything is shit to him now. I start filming videos of our feedings and selling them.
We fight the gag reflexes, vomit, let him eat the vomit. Repetition is the of learning, soon he eats faster and wants more, it’s time to introduce him to his . Gala dinner, a large portion of our shit was eaten with pleasure. Our meetings are becoming more frequent, I’m getting used to serving both of us, my is used to her -in-law and gives out huge portions. My husband has recovered
He eats well, he can’t get enough of our shit, I introduce him to my friends. They are impressed by our relationship and also start shitting in his mouth. They are training to start doing this with their husbands.

Format: mp4
Duration: 1:52:59
Video: 1280x720, AVC (H.264), 2000kbps
Audio: 191kbps

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