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Release Year: 2009
Cast: Maria Ozawa
Video language: English

I for a long time, guessed that Japanese in respect of perversions have left as far, as well as in respect of nanotechnologies. But after viewing of this video, I have understood as how much big this rupture... Same it is necessary so cruelly and ruthlessly to use such doll as Maria Ozava (if you doubt that Masha is beautiful look please at its photos under a spoiler) yes I only would be glad if a floor of hundred angered men поэксплатировали everyones so лошадиподобных and quickly rumbling domestic leaders, but severe Japanese possibly simply adore to profane beauty. A plot such: Maria Ozava the TV presenter of news CMM (as CNN only CMM) which should tell it to weights about such versatile news as: hurricane in China, tournament on сумо in Tokyo, the report on football league of Spain, the Summit in London and about ingenious the boy the violinist. But all problem that Marias prevent all time (hardly they help thus) more fifty Japanese which approach and finish on the person, clothes, a mouth, hair and Masha's body, but all цимес that our simply doesn't turn on them what attention, she continues to read (BY THE WAY! She on английски) tells news (especially ridiculously it turns out, those moments when Masha starts to speak the offer, but rushes into its mouth the member, but it doesn't stop Maria and she continues to read news with, a filled mouth "). But Japanese and it haven't enough and one fellow, to дикторше and will remove from it a skirt, tears stockings and starts to bang, then ruthlessly tears a shirt (it is visible that this moment has been well rehearsed in advance) and at this time already grew dark, and hedgehogs all drop and drop, that is in our case Japanese finished all and finished and besides all is more impudent and more impudent, any more without hesitating to thrust the kids to the full extent in a throat of the poor thing, to finish is direct in speaking mouth and to wipe sperm about hair. Maria keeps simply with iron will of the Samurai, all suffers (Though it is visible, as to the poor thing it is heavy) sometimes swallows of sperm (when it it does stops for a second and apologizes before the attentive televiewer) and in the end smiles and waves the handle, saying goodbye to the next week.

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